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Blue Magic Facts

You have questions – We have the answers

How often should I shampoo and condition my hair?

The frequency of shampooing and conditioning your hair will depend on several variables: hair style, scalp condition, hair treatments, as well as styling practices. Blue Magic shampoo and conditioners are formulated to be safe for daily use, if desired. For best results, we recommend you shampoo and condition your hair with Blue Magic products at least once a week to remove styling products, oils, and everyday dirt.

Is Blue Magic safe to use on braided or weaved hair?

Absolutely. Blue Magic helps to condition your hair as it grows. The Blue

Does Blue Magic work well with natural hair that is not relaxed?

Blue Magic will work well on both relaxed and natural styles. All of the products work well on course or multi-textured hair. The shampoo and conditioners work well on all hair types.

Is Blue Magic only for African American hair?

No. Blue Magic works great on all textures of hair. The only recommendation is there are a few items which are more oil based, and work best on African American hair. Some oil based products may be a bit greasy on other hair types. These items would be: Blue Magic Pressing Oil, Blue Magic Conditioner/Hairdress, Blue Magic Bergamot, etc. The leave-in conditioners work great on all hair types.

What is the shelf life of Blue Magic products? Will the products expire?

There is not an expiration date on the Blue Magic products; however we recommend you replace the product after 24 months of use in order to insure best results from.

Where can I find the ingredient list for Blue Magic Products?

The ingredient list is located on the label of each of our products.

Do Blue Magic products help reduce shedding?

Reducing chemical treatments and heat treatments can improve your hair condition and aid in the performance of our products. All of our products work best with regular use.

Can I use Blue Magic products for my baby’s hair and scalp?

We recommend that our products are not used for anyone under the age of 2. If you feel that you must use something to add shine or improve scalp condition, we recommend our Blue Magic Coconut Oil or Blue Magic Petroleum Jelly.

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